About us

We're here to shake up the energy in our community and really get the concept of composting to reduce landfill at the top of everyone's thoughts.

We collect coffee grinds from local cafes and process them at our composting hub, to make a nutrient rich compost that can be used to grow local food. Our aim is to create a circular economy, where coffee grinds aren't considered waste, but instead a resource that can help regenerate our soil so we can grow more stuff. Want to help out? Absolutely! We welcome volunteers to come and learn and help out with the composting process.

Why coffee

A typical cafe produces around three tonnes of coffee grinds per year. Most of this goes to landfill. Baristas put used coffee grinds in knock boxes so it's already separated from other waste and easy for us to collect. With it's high nitrogen and potassium levels, it makes a valuable addition to compost.

Community Is important

We ride the streets on cargo bikes, moving between cafes, our compost hub, farmers markets and home composting assessments. We want to be accessible to the community by travelling the well-worn paths of our neighbourhood on bikes. One of our main goals is to involve our community in the composting process, so that we are no longer disconnected from the cycle of waste. Because we believe we need to start looking at things a little differently and recognising we're sitting on an untapped resource - leftovers and discarded food that can be turned into black gold. We'll show you how simple it is to compost, and hopefully you'll tell your friends and they'll tell their friends.....then we can make some real change!

Want to get in touch

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